Stock Glass Sizes

Most of the sizes below are available from stock and can be despatched within 48 hours, subject to availability.

Please contact us for prices and availabilty.

Lead equivalentGlass thicknessDimension (mm)Max Weight
1.32mm5-7mm150 x 2501.30 kg
1.8mm6-7mm200 x 2001.40 kg
1.8mm6-7mm200 x 3002.10 kg
1.8mm6-7mm300 x 3003.15 kg
1.8mm6-7mm300 x 4004.20 kg
1.8mm6-7mm150 x 7003.68 kg
2.24mm7-9mm200 x 2001.80 kg
2.24mm7-9mm200 x 3002.70 kg
2.24mm7-9mm300 x 3004.05 kg
2.24mm7-9mm300 x 4005.40 kg

Note: If your required lead equivalence falls between the two values you should chose the next value up.